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Time, speed and distance is a topic that requires proper understanding of concepts and not just formulae and how to apply them. This is because most of the questions from this topic demand problem solving ability. Our course is designed in such a manner as to help you achieve the same.

The course aims to provide you with clarity of basic as well as advanced concepts. Conversion of units and advanced concepts like circular motion, boats and streams and race games have also been included to prepare you for all kinds of questions. Start learning now!

What you will learn

  • Important concepts of Time, Speed and Distance
  • Shortcuts to conversion of units
  • Circular Motion and related concepts
  • All about Relative Speed, trains and boats & streams

Curriculum for this course


  • Time Speed and Distance : Basic Level
  • Time Speed and Distance : Relative speed
  • Time Speed and Distance : Boats & Streams
  • Time Speed and Distance : Races & Games


  • Learn the concepts of Time, Speed and Distance through this e-book and skillfully solve the questions in your placement test.


  • Time Speed & Distance 01
  • Time Speed & Distance 02

Online Tests

  • Time Speed & Distance 01
  • Time Speed & Distance 02

Doubt & Discussion Group

  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours.

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  • If you have any issues, queries or feedback about this learning page or any other aspect of course, then kindly drop us a message.

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Time, Speed & Distance