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You cannot avoid doing calculations when giving a competitive test. Candidates are tested on their mathematical abilities, answering accuracy and total time taken to complete the test. So you should aim to not only correctly answer the question but do so faster than others.

There is only one method that can help and that is Approximation. It is extremely helpful in competitive examinations and is a technique, which allows a candidate to find the solution quickly by rounding off to the nearest integer, rather than solving the question to get the exact values. This course will teach you how to approximate and get the correct answer in a flash.

What you will learn

  • Important facts about Numbers
  • Shortcuts and solved examples you cannot succeed without
  • Practice questions that will help you become an expert in LCM & HCF
  • Concepts and Summation formulae you should know

Curriculum for this course


  • Vedic Math 01 (Base & Squaring)
  • Vedic Math 02 (Base Multiples)


  • In this eBook, you will learn how to calculate and approximate answers in a campus placement exam with speed and accuracy. Additionally, you will also understand how to simplify any complicated mathematical problem.
  • In this eBook, you will also understand how to simplify any complicated mathematical problem.


  • Calculations & Approx 01
  • Calculations & Approx 02
  • Calculations & Approx 03

Online Tests

  • Calculations & Approximations 01
  • Calculations & Approximations 02

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