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Data interpretation is the most important topic in the reasoning/DI section of various competitive tests. DI deals with solving questions based on graphs and tables which involve intricate calculations. This course will help you handle such complex calculations like a pro! You can learn all about data interpretation through this course.

The course covers the strategy to be used to solve data interpretation questions. The graphs asked in DI include bar, pie and line graphs which are comprehensively covered in the course. Solved examples will give you an insight into the steps to be followed while tackling tough problems. So take up this course and prepare to work wonders in your tests.

What you will learn

  • Strategy to handle data interpretation questions
  • Types of graphs in data interpretation
  • Tables in DI and related problems
  • Tricks to handle lengthy calculations in DI

Curriculum for this course


  • Data - Lines and Bar Graphs
  • Data Interpretation: Tables
  • Pie chart
  • Approximation & Different Types of Graphs


  • Read this e-book to learn all about data interpretation and the related concepts, and become an expert in the same.


  • DI - Table, Bar, Pie 01
  • DI - Table, Bar, Pie 02
  • DI - Table, Bar, Pie 03

Online Tests

  • Table, Bar & Pie charts 01
  • Table, Bar & Pie charts 02

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DI - Tables, Bar, Pie, Line and Miscellaneous Graphs