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Reading comprehension are crucial components of verbal ability tests during exams. You are evaluated on your ability to figure out the underlying ideas and meaning of the passages. RC passages are often accompanied by tricky questions that ask you to infer meanings from a particular paragraph or whole passage.

This course is devised to provide you with tips and techniques to handle advanced RC questions. The knowledge of correct strategy and approach will help you tackle RC in less time. Also, you will learn some efficient techniques to solve RC questions.

What you will learn

  • Various types of RC questions
  • Tips for reading passages
  • Techniques and strategies to solve RC
  • Practice Exercises

Curriculum for this course


  • RC Tricky Questions
  • Question Types of questions in RC


  • All about Reading ComprehensionIn this eBook, you will learn about various types of Reading Comprehension problems


  • RC advanced Practice Assignment 01
  • RC advanced Practice Assignment 02
  • RC advanced Practice Assignment 03
  • RC advanced Practice Assignment 04

Online Tests

  • RC Advanced Practice Test 01
  • RC Advanced Practice Test 02

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