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It is important that you are aware of the various types of questions asked in interviews. The purpose of these questions is to test your knowledge as well as communication skills.

This chapter is equipped with important tips and strategies to handle various kinds of interview questions. It is essential to approach each type of question in the right way so as to avoid common mistakes. You will be acquainted with a comprehensive list of interview questions and the strategies to frame your answers well.

What you will learn

  • List of commonly asked Interview questions
  • Tips to tackle questions based on career goals
  • Ways to approach questions based on hobbies
  • List of situation-based questions

Curriculum for this course


  • How to Tackle Hobby Related Questions
  • What to wear to an Interview
  • How to handle questions based on family background?
  • Deal with questions based on strengths and weaknesses
  • What kind of Body Language should I use?


  • Commonly asked Questions in a PI: In this eBook, you will learn about various types of questions asked in interviews and the ways to approach them efficiently.

Question Banks

  • Computers and Electronics: Go through 100+ commonly asked interview questions from Computer Science and Electronics domains.
  • Core Engineering: What are the latest trends in interview questions related to core engineering domains? Find out in this eBook
  • Humanities: Fare well in your personal interview with a pre-knowledge of commonly asked questions in Humanities section
  • Management: What to expect when you sit in the personal interview as a management student? This eBook tells you all
  • Commerce: Access over 100 questions asked in personal interviews for Commerce students

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