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Group discussion forms an integral part of selection process during interview. The purpose of group discussion is to evaluate certain personality traits of the candidates. Since you are required to work in a team in the future, GD serves as an essential tool to check your team skills. Apart from that, you are judged on the basis of your knowledge and communication skills.

This chapter is devised to acquaint you with various kinds of GD topics and the way to approach them. You will get to know about the key stages of GD preparation and how to ace them step-by-step. The course will provide you with tips to handle various situations that may arise in a GD.

What you will learn

  • Importance of Group Discussions
  • Types of GD topics
  • Key stages of GD preparation
  • List of important GD topics
  • Sample GD topics

Curriculum for this course


  • How to Start a Group Discussion
  • How to change your stance in a GD?:
  • 5 Tips for Handling Abstract GD Topics
  • Group Discussion : Parameters for Evaluation
  • 15 Do’s in a Group Discussion
  • 15 Don’ts in a Group Discussion


  • Basics of Group Discussion: This eBook lists the essential tips and strategies to handle various types of GD topics along with sample GDs.
  • Top Topics for GD: This eBook will provide you with a comprehensive list of GD topics from different categories.

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