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Grammar is one of the most scoring parts of any competitive tests. Grammar governs how good you are at English language and communication. Basic rules of grammar, the knowledge of eight parts of speech et al will help you identify various categories of words and tackle questions accordingly.

This course will familiarise you with the parts of speech and basic rules of grammar along with the help of practice exercises. Check your level of preparation in English grammar and learn to save time and enhance your accuracy in Grammar section.

What you will learn

  • Parts of Speech
  • Basic Grammar Rules
  • Basic Punctuation rules
  • List of Grammar Terms

Curriculum for this course


  • Introduction to Grammar
  • Grammar: Noun
  • Grammar : Pronouns (I, Me Funda)
  • Grammar: Pronouns 2 (Who, Whom Funda)
  • Grammar : Adjectives & Conjuctions
  • Grammar : Verb
  • Grammar : Adverb
  • Common errors in Grammar ( Part I)
  • Common errors in Grammar ( Part II)
  • Grammar : Prepositions


  • In this eBook, you will learn about various parts of speech and basic rules of grammar along with examples and practice exercises


  • Grammar Practice Assignment 01
  • Grammar Practice Assignment 02
  • Grammar Practice Assignment 03
  • Grammar Practice Assignment 04

Online Tests

  • Grammar Practice Test 01
  • Grammar Practice Test 02

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