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Analytical Reasoning is an integral part of entrance exams and each question is based on a passage or fixed set of conditions. These questions are designed to test your analytical abilities, speed, accuracy and methodology. Since these questions also happen to be time-sensitive, you need to be prepared beforehand to ensure best results every time.

This chapter will help you get there. After studying the preparation material and taking assignements and tests, you will be in top shape to tackle any analytical topic whether it be Maps, Conditional Sets, Assignment Games or Math Type Games. So start learning right away and build your analytical skills. Happy learning!

What you will learn

  • How to build your analytical abilities
  • Specific strategies and methodologies to tackle any question
  • Become quicker at answering questions by organising data in your mind
  • Tips and tricks that help you solve complex questions

Curriculum for this course


  • Logical Puzzles 01
  • Logical Puzzles 02


  • Learn about different kinds of questions asked in the Analytical Reasoning section and gain insight into how to answer these questions accurately and quickly.


  • Analytical Reasoning 01
  • Analytical Reasoning 02
  • Analytical Reasoning 03

Online Tests

  • Bank Analytical Reasoning 01
  • Bank Analytical Reasoning 02

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  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours.

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  • If you have any issues, queries or feedback about this learning page or any other aspect of course, then kindly drop us a message.

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Analytical Reasoning