Marketing Aptitude

Marketing Terms constitute an important part of the General Awareness Section of the Bank PO / Clerical Examinations. In order to qualify in this section, it is imperative that you equip yourself with the latest updates of the market scenario.  The essential task is to read the newspaper on the daily basis.
Marketing is an art to develop, advertise and distribute goods and services to customers as well as business. Companies treat employees, suppliers, distribution channel as their business partner. Consumers are going for online purchase; businesses are going towards electronic commerce (e-commerce). Online users mostly buy music, software, books, apparel, etc.
Business buyers, suppliers are getting online to reduce the establishment cost. The businesses focus is shifting for developing web sites to provide reliable and correct experience to consumers.
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Marketing: Frequently Asked Terms/Topics
Market Value Chain SWOT Analysis
Demographic Environment Economic Environment Social-Cultural Environment
Natural Environment Personal Selling Direct Marketing
Market Logistics Wholesaling Retailing
Pricing Brand Equity Brand Building
Differentiation Strategies Marketing Channels 4 Ps of Marketing
Product-Life-Cycle Competition Market Segmentation
Market Targeting Marketing Research Customer Satisfaction
spatial orientation problem solving analysis
Customer Loyalty Customer Relation Management Consumer Behavior
Learning the above given terms will give you an edge in the preparation for the General Knowledge Area of the exam. Hard Work with the right approach will pay the rewards of excelling the examinations.
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