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Vibhor Kalra
Indian bank / UCO/PNB PO

"I owe my success to Bulls eye institute. Be it the monthly GK updates, complete vocabulary list or the puzzle corner, the updated study material covered all the questions that are asked in Bank PO exam. To every Bank PO aspirant who wishes to come out with flying colors I would suggest to go for Bulls Eye."

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Reasoning for Bank PO

Reasoning questions for Bank PO occupy a special place as they cover great variety and can be given in many formats. With the kind of weightage given to Bank PO reasoning, it’s not surprising that the candidates devote significant time and energy to it. With a total of 50 marks, the Bank PO Reasoning is an area not to be ignored or taken lightly. The Bank PO reasoning broadly consists of two major types: Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

     Verbal Reasoning

In the test of reasoning for Bank PO, Verbal Reasoning questions are based on the use of words or language. Such Bank PO reasoning questions require you to derive logical conclusions based in the information given in the form of words/ sentences/paragraphs. Some popular varieties in this part of Bank PO reasoning questions type are:

  • 1. Statement - Conclusions: A situation described in a statement, followed by possible conclusions.
  • 2. Statement - Assumptions: A statement, claim or assertion, followed by possible assumptions hidden in the statement.
  • 3. Courses of Action: A problem situation, followed by suggested courses of action/ remedies. The examinee is expected to choose the most suitable course of action.
  • 4. Decision Making: A paragraph followed by certain statements, which have to be classified as Definitely True/ Probably True/ Indeterminate/ Definitely False/ Probably False.
  • 5. Critical Reasoning: A situation from which certain logical inferences/ assumptions have to be drawn.
  • 6. Alphabetical/Numeric series: Logical series based on the use of alphabets and numbers.
  • 7. Coding –Decoding: Based on alphabet/ words and their coding.
  • 8. Verbal Analogies: Based on word pairs having a certain relationship with each other.
  • 9. Input-Output: Based on logical ordering of certain inputs and their rearrangement.
  • 10. Conditional Reasoning: Taking decisions on the basis of the information given.
  • 11. Syllogism: Based on deductive logic.

     Non-Verbal Reasoning

In the tests of reasoning for Bank PO, non-verbal reasoning involves the use of numbers, symbols, figures etc. Some popular varieties under this type in Bank PO reasoning are:

  • 12. Figure-based: Sequential, logical changes in a figure, which have to be decoded. It can consist of the following: finding the next figure, finding the missing figure and analogies.
  • 13. Symbol operations: Use of mathematical symbols and their inter-relationships.
  • 11. Syllogism: Based on deductive logic.
  • 14. Numeric series: Logical series based on numbers. Could also involve a combination of numbers and alphabet.
  • 15. Spatial and Temporal Blocks: Based on a situation involving a set of variables. Followed by a set of questions.
  • 16. Sitting arrangements
  • 17. Venn Diagram-based: Questions on membership schemes.


The above is a broad listing of some major reasoning questions for Bank PO. Besides these reasoning questions for Bank PO, there are other miscellaneous types which could be featured off and on. So it pays to be thoroughly prepared for all types of questions in Bank PO reasoning test. Hitbullseye.com, our portal, with its thorough coverage of reasoning for Bank PO, can help you a lot with its comprehensive study material and practice tests. The on-line learning modules come with a series of Chapter Tests, Section Tests and Full-Length Mock Tests for complete preparation.

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