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Vibhor Kalra
Indian bank / UCO/PNB PO

"I owe my success to Bulls eye institute. Be it the monthly GK updates, complete vocabulary list or the puzzle corner, the updated study material covered all the questions that are asked in Bank PO exam. To every Bank PO aspirant who wishes to come out with flying colors I would suggest to go for Bulls Eye."

How to use Bull Persona? - A dedicated portal for GD / PI

The importance of ‘Personality Development’ is illustrated by the term itself. Personality Development goes beyond exam preparation and is actually about gearing you up to face the challenges of the professional world.  A confident and well-nurtured personality is one quality admired by all, from admission teams in colleges to recruitment departments for companies. Keeping this in mind, it is important for you to work on your personality, and make sure you tick all the boxes when it comes to your public persona and presentation.

The need of Personality Development:

The need of working on your personality is highlighted easily by the following:

  • Personality assessment forms a vital part of the admission process for most colleges. The entrance processes for almost all the colleges have personality assessment rounds as one part, and these feature tasks such as Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, Essay and Precise writing etc.
  • Recruitments in companies, at all levels, from managerial to engineer, are driven by personality assessments carried out by the HR department of companies.
  • A strong and confident personality gives you a head-start on the path of growth and career progression.

Sections @ Bull Persona:

We plan to accomplish the above with the help of the following power packed sections:

  • Group Discussion: An in-depth section offering tips on how to master the art of successfully speaking in groups.
  • MBA/Admission Personal Interviews: Master the art of giving interviews with this power packed section featuring tips, interviews, experience, questions and a lot more.
  • Job/Placement Interviews: Common challenges posed by recruiters highlighted and explained in this section.
  • Essay/Precis Writing: This section enables you to work on nuances of writing, and improve your written communication skills.
  • Personality Development & Other Selection Tools: From basics of personality, such as time management and goal setting, to selections tools, such as extempore and group tasks, all explained and covered in-depth manner.
  • Video Resource Libraries: To top it all, we have made learning easy by featuring a host of videos that explain each and every topic above and that too in the most accessible visual-learning method.

Essential tips for using the ‘Bull Persona’ section:

Keeping in mind the plethora of information available in this section, it is vital that you explore this section in the most logical and practical manner. Keep in mind the following to draw maximum benefit from the section:

  • Assess yourself: The first step towards developing a confident and all-round personality is to make sure you know yourself. The ins and outs of your personality should be clear to you, and you should take the help of your teachers, mentors, friends and family to know the same. Once you have assessed yourself, you would know of your weaknesses and strengths and the areas that require work.
  • Start with your weaknesses and make sure that you explore particular sections in detail for help. For example, if you are afraid of speaking in public, and find it tough to speak in groups, your first target area should be ‘Group Discussion’ section and make sure you are aware of the common pitfalls in this area, and how to avoid and successfully counter them. Slowly and steadily, you can explore the answers for all of your doubts in this section.
  • Along with your weaknesses, make sure you explore your strength areas as well so that you do not miss on any value added tip that can help you improve further in these areas.
  • Make sure you cover essential areas such Personal Interviews. Interviews are ubiquitous in their presence, and the more you prepare for them, the better it is.  We provide a host of articles, value added tips and essential interview questions, and you would do well to explore all of them.
  • Make sure you explore this section with a pre-defined purpose, and implement the suggestions in this area. These would go a long way in establishing a confident persona for you.

All in all, personality development is all about you, your skills, your execution and your desire to work on yourself. This section provides all the tools for the same. all you need to do is explore these to enhance your personality.

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