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Vibhor Kalra
Indian bank / UCO/PNB PO

"I owe my success to Bulls eye institute. Be it the monthly GK updates, complete vocabulary list or the puzzle corner, the updated study material covered all the questions that are asked in Bank PO exam. To every Bank PO aspirant who wishes to come out with flying colors I would suggest to go for Bulls Eye."

How to use Vocab Builder?

Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of the competitive exam arena. A number of questions are based on vocabulary and it is an aspect of your preparation that requires a lot of attention. Keeping in mind its significance, we have put together one of the most comprehensive sections for examination vocabulary available on the internet in the form of ‘Vocab Builder’.

Competitive exams and Vocabulary:

There are two ways in which vocabulary has an impact on your exam score:

  • Direct question based on vocabulary make a frequent appearance in exams. The various types of vocabulary questions that appear are: sentence completion and fill in the blank, synonyms, antonyms, odd one out, contextual usage etc. It is important to have an above average vocabulary level to consistently do well in examinations.
  • Having a great grasp over words has one of the biggest intangible benefits to a person: it enables greater comprehension and understanding of the language. Students with greater understanding of the language consistently perform well in the verbal ability portion of exams and do not need to be worried about their preparation levels.
  • A greater command over words makes you a better public speaker and communicator. This is an obvious benefit of great vocabulary levels: you simply have a more number of words to express yourself.

Sections @ Vocab Builder:

We plan to accomplish the above with the help of the following power packed sections:

  • Basic Word List: Basic words to start your word learning journey.
  • Main Word List: Comprehensive set of words covering all possible exams.
  • Visual Word List: Essential 1000 Words depicted visually.
  • Miscellaneous Word List: Lists providing vital inputs for specific vocabulary areas

Steps to Use @ Vocab Builder:

Vocab Builder has been made keeping in mind the ease of function and utility features in mind. Its use can be divided into four broad steps:

Step 1: Word Meanings & Usage

Every Basic, Main, Visual & Miscellaneous Word List is explained in detail, with every word carrying its Primary Meaning & Illustrative Usage Example. Your first task is to go through these lists one at a time.

Step 2: Word List Tests

Along with these, each Basic and Main list is accompanied by a test. This forms the core of the application and you are advised to take these tests once you have gone through the lists. This would provide you with an accurate guide to check your learning levels.

Step 3: Bookmark Feature

Any word that you find hard to recall or learn, you can Bookmark that word and add it to "My Word Lists". You can build as many lists as you want and classify these words according to your choice. This feature in a way acts as a ready-reckoner for words that one finds tough.

Step 4: Visual Word list

Along with the above list types, we have also provided a Visual Word List. You can click on the ‘View’ button provided for every word, and in a new tab, you will be able to see a visual depiction for the word. Such an approach helps you remember the word visually and provides a reference point to learn the word.

Essential tips for using the ‘Vocab Builder’ section:

  • Take the Vocab assessment test. Make sure you identify the Word-list type that you should be studying first.
  • Make sure you start from a certain category of Word lists and complete the set of lists given. For example, if you have identified the Basic Word List section as the one you require to study, make sure you complete all basic word lists before moving on to the next set of the list.
  • Make sure you appear for the various word list tests given. Each list is accompanied with tests, and these tests are meant to act as vital revision tools for you. These enable you test your learning efficacy and help you find out how many words you were actually able to learn from these lists.
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